What to focus on to improve CPU-usage on clients

We are currently planning a little Hackathon (Grape.io) for the upcoming weeks where we want to tackle the CPU issues on Mobile and Desktop when having > 10 people in a call. What are the currently most pressing issues/open projects that would improve these specific issues?

I would like to collect any pointers to ensure that the devs look in the right places.

In my humble understanding of the issue the CPU useage is due to the fact that the client (browser) needs to handle more incomming data streams. If you want to work on this you need to work on the browser’s implementation of (video) stream handling. That could be off-loading to the GPU etc. (which would heavily depend on the OS system).

Is this something they could try to implement in the Electron build, utilising some Chromium Feature?

As far as I understand, Electron is only a Chrome in disguise. You’d still need to touch chrome code. But: that would imply that chrome developers aren’t good enough to fix those problems or don’t want to (which is hard to belive given chrome’s comitment to WebRTC). IMHO jitsi’s model of operation imposes a limit here (SFU vs. MCU).