What to do when a Participant Connection Status goes to interrupted

Hello Community,

We have an issue where some of the participants in a meeting are not able to see a participant because of the connection status goes to interrupted, for example: Participant A is sending video to the Bridge correctly. While Participant B and C can see Participant A, we have Participants D and E who cannot see him. For Participant D and E, they see A as interrupted, while they can still see B and C. and We get that status from the event handler for JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.PARTICIPANT_CONN_STATUS_CHANGED, going to interrupted. We have found in some cases that C and D can never get A’s video active again until they reconnect to the conference.

Is there anything that can be done so that C and D can “restart” somehow their connection to Participant A’s video, without doing a full reconnection to the conference? We have tried selectParticipants but that has not solved the problem for us.

To be more specific, in this case participants C and D are receiving the Colibri message EndpointConnectivityStatusChangeEvent from the Video Bridge, for endpoint A, with active being false.

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