What should I enter as my DNS hostname while configuring jitsi-videobridge

Say, if my server’s /etc/hosts file have the following content: domain.com
Then what should I enter when jitsi-videobridge prompts for the DNS name of my instance?
Should it be or “meet” or any one of them can wor out?
Or should it be localhost because it itself is the server where I will be deploying jitsi-meet after jitsi-videobridge setup?
Please help!

If you own domain.com, then use meet.domain.com - Btw, you will need an A-Record or CNAME to meet.domain.com if you are going to use Let’s Encrypt certs.

Thank you for the quick response @corby
Why do I need to use meet.domain.com? Why can’t I simply use domain.com?

Well, I have always used a subdomain. Give it a try.

Thank a lot @corby. You are listening to me.
Oh in that way!
I am not using it for final production.
I have rented an ubuntu server with static IP for just practicing this and solely for jitsi-meet.
I don’t have to worry about sub-domains.
Can I enter the static IP address as my DNS hostname in there?

WebRTC requires https, so you will need to do self-signed certificates, and the LetsEncrypt script will not work, I don’t think. I would just give it a try, then start over from scratch if it fails. I would not try “fix” if if something goes wrong. Easier to start over, especially when the server is brand new.

I don’t think it is the same as you’re saying. Because previously I followed the quick-install guide and, installed and deployed it on my server. And it was working perfectly.
But after a while, I decided to tweak the source code a little and see for myself what I can change, so I’m trying to build everything from sources.
I have confugred prosody, nginx, videobridge and right now I’m stuck at while building jicofo.
Please look into the image. Is this normal, or I am doing something wrong?

Thank you for the help!

When you said, LetsEncrypt won’t work, I got that now.
LetsEncrypt won’t work for bare IP addresses, it needs a domain name.
But still if we want to generate certificates for our bare IP addresses, we can go for paid options.