What server do I need for 100 simultaneous video calls?

I am wanting to develop a telemedicine system, but I am interested to know which servers we should buy for a system of 100 simultaneous calls with 2 participants (Doctor - Patient) each call an average of 30 minutes.


did you find an answer to your question? Also in my case it will be frequent scenario of many videocalls with few participants each (2-4 per call).

A server with 4CPU/8GB RAM should suffice for up to 100 of those calls running concurrently. You should make sure you have sufficient bandwidth though - that’s usually the first limitation.

Hey, apologies for interrupting but what would you suggest about this server?

8 vCPU Cores
200 GB NVMe or 800 GB SSD
3 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic Unlimited Incoming

On Ubuntu 20 + Docker, would you say it is safe to install other website applications if 4CPU/8GB RAM should be able to handle 100 calls?
PS: The 32TB of traffic is monthly.

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It all depends. vCPUs vary in strength and performance. Theoretically speaking, you should be fine, but in reality, you might encounter some bottlenecks if the vCPU is shared instead of dedicated.

hey thanks for that, are you saying the quoted text based on 100 calls based on @L-aguilar original post? (I’m just trying to put it into perspective)

I dont know about shared or not but its a high performance vps with contabo"

A 4CPU/8GB server dedicated to Jitsi will support 100 concurrent P2P (2-party) calls without problems, assuming there are no bandwidth constraints. If you add more CPU and RAM to that and run other website applications, you introduce potential fault points. And vCPU in a shared environment is not as powerful as dedicated CPU.

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perfect, thanks a lot for that explanation. I will leave this particular vps just for jitsi.

On a side note, i want to do screen recording, do you think Jibri should be installed on the same server or a different one?

Jibri will suck up 2 vCPU or more depending on resolution, content being recorded/streamed, etc, so with these specs better to install it on a different one.

oh great, that’s handy to know.

What if I put jitsi and jibri both together on this server instead:

10 vCPU Cores
400 GB NVMe or 1.6 TB SSD
4 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic Unlimited Incoming

You should be able to host both with those specs, but remember Jibri can only handle one recording at a time.

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oh great, i will re-install on the better server then. Thanks for the fast responses everybody!