What Products should I be installing?

Hi there,

I have stumbled upon Jitsi today after doing a lot of integration work with MS Teams … Jitsi looks like an amazing project but the descritpion of the projects (after dealing with Teams) confuses me…

My scenario is this, I am looking for a platform that will securely and reliably hold a number of short burst conferences with video …

At anyone time there will be

50 meetings all consisting of 2 to 3 people, the length of the calls would be around 10 minutes before another 50 meetings would take place again with 2 to 3 people in.

This would run for a total of 4 or 5 hours…

(Think of speed dating but the application is for a business catch-up for staff)

I am quite confused of the route to even start, as I see that we can use Jitsi’s own servers … surely there must be some restrictions on the amount of load that we can just use? and then we have Jitsi meeting server (which I started looking at but was unsure of the spec server I would need) and then I saw the Jitsi Video bridge project … at this point I figured I needed to ask someone.

Can someone point me in the direction of what I should be looking at?


your expected load is not very high compared to the resources for the Jitsi infrastructure; it’s more a matter or garanteed quality/bandwidth. If you use free resources for professional expectations, you expose yourself to some risks; if the Jitsi servers are overloaded at some moment, the infra will need be expanded (I think it’s dynamic with AWS, but nonetheless provisioning servers and getting them up to speed can take a few moments and switching overloaded users to the new resources some more time).
So if you want the best quality almost everytimes, you have better to not rely on free resources but either have a contract or manage resources yourself.

For the kind of load you are talking about, you could try a single server with 8 Gb / 4 cores (true cores) and 1Gbits/second bandwidth. Maybe it won’t be enough, but it could also be overkill if most of your meetings are limited to 2 users (in this case point to point meetings will save server bandwidth). Or you can try a professional Jitsi provider (such as 8x8 - the Jitsi sponsor) if the server administrative work is too much for you.

Thank you so much for your reply @gpatel-fr … Could you let me know is it just Jitsi meet server I would need to get installed or would I be looking at the video bridge product too? … I will also look at 8x8 … I have found that the way most video conferencing companies base their pricing it doesnt work well for us … i.e. they charge per user or per meeting and although ours is small meetings with small users it can rack up into a lot of money quickly…

if you install Jitsi meet on a server (usually a VPS) everything open source is included, the bridge being an integral part. Your product is ready to go but you may need to aquire some more expertise for customization (most users need to setup at least some authentication as they don’t want to run a public instance, basic auth being very easy to setup but some prefer more advanced ways like LDAP or JWT)

This is great! @gpatel-fr you have been so very useful! Thank you