What optimisations you are working on to enable more users in a conference?

I see a lot of posts asking for if we can scale jitsi for more users in a conference. As mentioned 75 is hard limit set with upto 35 user streams that can be there until quality breaks.

I am facing issue with video quality around 10 users.

I would like to know more about what optimisations you all are working on to improve the quality and the number of users in a conference. As some posts read, the issue is with the client application to add more streams as bandwidth is limited.

Would like to research more on this and contribute. Any suggestions for research papers/articles would help.

If you search for “bandwidth optimization” or “video quality” here on the forum there is a lot of material and posts mentioning such optimizations. If you can help documenting this, the wiki is open to everyone.

I am focusing on end-user support and started gathering some information. For now if you see a post with interesting information that would be worth adding to formal documentation, I encourage you to add a comment and include #N E E D S D O C in it (no spaces).

Here is an example of interesting optimization for a specific use case (yoga classes).

@MagicFab Tried search for those keywords. I can see posts only for configuration tweaks to try to improve the performance.

I wanted to get help on the architecture part, maybe any resources(blogs/research-papers/books) that can help me understand how we can scale number of users in a conference.

I read posts which says there are issues on client side optimisations. Can anyone highlight the exact issues?

Please start new threads with specific questions, include links to posts you refer to. This will increase chances of getting an answer.

If you are facing issues with 10 users and need help, please include more relevant information : how you installed, which OS, exact hardware specifications, bandwidth available, clients used, etc.