What limits the number of participants (audio only)?


I have jicofo + multiple jvb setup and they work quite nicely for many small-sized conferences - Jitsi Meet is quite amazing piece of software.

I understand 8x8 limits the max participants in a single conference to be 100, so I wanted to see what happens at that limit, and where the bottleneck could be.

I tested having a large conference, audio only so that everyone will be on a single jvb.

I can see the jvb (16x cpu) is ~ 25% cpu with jicofo barely using any - but after 90~95 callers, the last few always get disconnected - it usually works for a short while and then CONNECTION_FAILED with SERVER_ERROR.

I can see in the logs that the channel allocation time increases a lot with more callers on, but still are well within the 15s timeout. There are entries saying ‚ÄúTerminating Participant‚ÄĚ with general-error as well.

I have also tried having the everyone with video on (combined with LastN) - using 2 jvb, and it seems to be also at around 90~95 where I start to get disconnected randomly.

My question is, can the Jitsi team share some insight on the actual limiting factor for having larger conference? Is there any known setup/settings that would break through the 100 limit (even if it requires bare metal)?