What Jitsi version is meet.jit.si using? How can I use it?

Hi guys.

I note that when I download Jitsi Meet to my server the version is different to that which is available at meet.jit.si.

I am thinking that perhaps the one on Meet is not quite production as yet? So more experimental? Or is this a version that is not public release?

If I am able to download the same version to my Ubuntu server, please advise how.

Thank you.

as stated here it’s a specific version, not available to the general public (many Jitsi instances have unpublished quirks also, it’s not special to the Jitsi project). So you can’t download it. From what appears to an outsider, meet.jit.si falls between the stable and unstable Debian version, maybe with some hacks for scaling thrown in.

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Thanks for the reply. Not the answer I wanted though! :slight_smile:

The version on meet.jit.si is always publicly available. Every deployment we do is from debian packages which are available in the download debian repo.
The version on meet.jit.si is more close to the unstable repo than the stable. The quick install instructions use the stable repo.
We will be updating stable the following week probably.

Hello @damencho,
Is there any way we can see/found what has been updated or fixed in every stable launch ? Sorry for newbie question :nerd_face:

Thank you

There is, but it is not so user friendly and it is basically the commit messages.
On all projects you can check the auto generated changelog file:

Hi Damencho

Is the Stable Repo released this week ?


Probably, candidate version is already in testing repo.