What Jitsi version is meet.jit.si using? How can I use it? Screen share blur issue in stable and unstable version but not in meet.jit.si

Hi guys.

I note that when I download Jitsi Meet to my server the version is different from that which is available at meet.jit.si.

We have installed the latest stable version on my server and everything is working except screen share, it is getting blurred when we share the screen. but when we check in meet.jit.si , there is no issue with screen share.

we have cross-checked meet.jit.si config files with stable and unstable versions, a few extra parameters are identified in meet.jit.si which are not available stable and unstable.

Is a stable version and meet.jit.si version is different? where we can get that code? If I am able to download the same version to my Ubuntu server, please advise how.

Meet.jit.si is closer to unstable debian repo than stable. In few days though we will push new stable version that is currently running on meet. The candidate for stable is already in testing repo Index of /testing/ you can change your apt sources entry to point to testing and try it out.

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Thank you so much damencho…

Hi Damencho,

Can we have a Jitsi meet branch for this version repo ( Index of /testing/ )

You get the jitsi-meet-web version and you check the tag here: Tags · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

HI Damencho,

Thanks for the response.

we have downloaded the code from Tags, but a few parameters are not available in the config.js file which is available in meet.jit.si/config.js.

Parameters :

desktopSharing: ‘ext’

Can we get the same meet code that is available in meet.jit.si.

Thanks in advance.

The code is in the corresponding tag, those are some configs which we haven’t cleaned in our deployment.