What is up with 8x8 Support?

I subscribed to 8x8 hopping to get some real professional support. It has not been very positive. The non-functioning chat/bot. The lack of response to emails, etc. Is anybody from 8x8 reading this forum?

Hey Mixou,

Sorry to hear about that. Which service are you referring to? Both 8x8 Meet Pro and 8x8 JaaS start without an upfront payment, so you shouldn’t have been charged. Hopefully this helps.

Also, how can we help solve your issues?

I was trusting that the system is working and I could purchase upfront. My problem is the generation of JWT with Java code.

I used the RSA keys generated by the portal with the code that was recommended: https://github.com/8x8/jaas_demo/blob/main/jaas-jwt-samples/java/src/main/java/com/8x8/Main.java

The first thing that is not mentioned is that the privakey has to be converted into PKCS#8 format. I did it using the following command:

openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -nocrypt -inform pem -in jaaz.pk -outform pem -out jaaz.pem

The next thing is that the token generated doesn’t work. I get NO authorization error. JWT.IO was able to validate the signature using the aforementioned keys.

I sent an email to jaastech@8x8.com. I used th internal support contact form. I use the bot.

So far no feedback.

Any comment? Answer? I still have no response from jaastech@8x8.com or anybody else.

Hi Mixou,
There was a problem with the key pair generation on jaas.8x8.vc .
Can you please delete the old keys, generate a new key pair and try again?

Hello Bratu,

please check the image posted with details as i cannot add more than 2 links in my post

i am regisered with email e.yogesh333@gmail.com
Company meeting URL: 8x8.vc/weconnectmeet

Sorry, how is that relevant to my issue of token generation?

I was also having problem with the support team i saw tha they have replied to you so i asked my query regarding the jitsi and 8x8 meet i have also buyed the plan to pro but could not get better support

Hi Mixou,

The problem has been fixed and the jwt generation should work now with a new key pair.
Please generate a new key pair and use it to generate the JWT.

Can u reply to me also please
What is up with 8x8 Support? - #6 by yogesh987

Hey @yogesh987 sorry support couldn’t help you thus far. JaaS is new and we still have lots of room for improvement.

From the image above, I don’t understand what your problem is, are you not able to join the meeting?

We can try to help with SDK parameters, but note we don’t write the Flutter plugin, so it may have bugs we are not aware of.

The JWT token worked for me. Please fix your support. We root for you and want to see you succeed. But support is fundamental.