What is the time limit for jitsi meet

what is the time limit for jitsi meet

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There is no time limit on Jitsi Meet meetings.

Is there a way to set the limit

Doesn’t seem like, but if you don’t want to have to end it yourself or have another mod do it, there are browser automation libraries in e.g. Python that can hit the end button for you.

Can I ask the browser to hit the “join meeting” button?
I’ve been trying out this project to help isolated people who are in their 80s+


not tested much…

Hello @emrah
I tested it and it’s working fine,
Thank you for writing this code.


Hello @emrah
Where I have to past it .in Iframe I am hosting jitsi meet on my server

One more question where we have to paste it in mobile sdk plz tell

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You need to host your own server to enable all custom lua scripts. These are all server side Prosody modules.

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Plz can you tell what are steps to do I am host it on aws.

You should read this and then start a new thread with your questions.