What is the stable jitsi install nowadays?

Guys i have an old tutorial that i recorded to make installation of jitsi on a AWS ubunto 18.

It was great but now it is not working anymore. Think there was a update of jicofo and it crashed the old way

So I am trying to find on google what is the last option.
Last attempt was using this:

didnt work either.
Could someone point out which is the main way to configure jitsi nowadays?

I went to the official sources

It tells me to use Ubuntu 20.04
Says Jitsi Meet is not compatible with Prosody 0.12

So i cant use Jitsi Meet anymore?
Cause it just dont install with prosody 11.

This seems like a mess.

It is not a mess.

The next stable release (which should be out pretty soon) supports Prosody 0.12 out-of-the-box. Prosody 0.12 does not work well with the current stable. For the current stable release, you’ll need to install Prosody 0.11 directly from repo. There are several tutorials and threads here on how to do that. Search the forum.


So i get a ubuntu 20.
Install Prosody 0.11 from repo
then apt-get install jitsi-meet?

Will this work with jibri and other videobridges?


I have managed to install prosody 0.11, then jitsi-meet to a ubuntu 20 aws server.

Now I need to install Jibri so i can record my videoconference.

Could anyone direct me to a tutorial for configuring Jibri step-by-step on this new configuration?

Last time i tried to do it… i used this:

And it was another version of ubuntu probably another version of prosody.
And I am afraid to go all the way installing it this way and not work.

Did you check the following topic?