What is the path and file displaying terms privacy and feedback?


Where can I look for changes in terms privacy and feedback for Android and iOS apps?
Is it webview xml or what?
How can we change terms and privacy with our own?


I think this is where you would change them: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/13212a598010ca274a2f30df131dc07bfd5a1d03/react/features/welcome/components/WelcomePageSideBar.native.js#L107, https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/13212a598010ca274a2f30df131dc07bfd5a1d03/react/features/welcome/components/WelcomePageSideBar.native.js#L36.


hi @Lenny8…i already got the path, thanks. But I am just looking to add functionality that when a room is hang up, it opens a specific webpage. I want to add feedback page


Changing urls didn’t resolve the issue. When app was built, it was still showing the same urls. I even tried clean the project.


I tried locally just now and it worked for me. Tell me the exact steps you are taking to make the changes and build the app.


i just gone to tht file i mean this

, changed url and built the apk …apk didn’t reflect the changes after installation.