What is the maximum number of participants possible in one jitsi meet conference with E2EE turned on?

It’s not clear about the max number of participants possible in one Jitsi meet with E2EE turned on, below is what quoted in Jitsi E2EE white paper, but here in the community I frequently read that the limit is 500 participants in one conference, please clarify.

E2EE meetings are currently limited to 20 participants due to the signalling.”

It’s both :slight_smile:

500 participants can be in a meeting, but in such a large meeting you can’t turn E2EE on.

Thanks for the clarification, two follow up questions.

  1. What kind of privacy and security does the 500 participant conference carry if E2EE is not available?
  2. is E2EE scalable beyond 20 participant limit in a conference? or it’s a hard restriction as of today?

The technical answer to this that all calls, no matter the size are transport encrypted. That is, the media between each participant and the server is encrypted using DTLS-SRTP.

An a more philosophical level, the privacy you get in a 500 person meeting regardless of E2EE is probably null, since you are exposed to so many people.

It would be possible with MLS perhaps, but we are currently not looking into it. We are keeping track of the progress in MLS, however, and we’ll continue to make improvements to E2EE.