What is the 'clientNode' configuration for?


I have just installed Jitsi Meet and even on the first try everything is working great.

I am just wondering what the clientNode setting does in /etc/jitsi/meet/jitsi-meet.example.com-config.js?

This is really just “what does that button do if I press it” type question, as I am new to Jitsi and just trying to understand what the configured options accomplish.

Something you should not touch, and something that should not be configurable and be dropped from the code, but we haven’t done that yet … :slight_smile:

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I did find similar elsewhere, I was just hoping to find somewhere telling me what the configuration accomplishes.

I’ve just lost the link and am trying to find it, but there is a page on GitHub that goes through each configuration option, but it seems written not for ape sysadmin like me, which is fine, but I just wanted to understand the current configuration.