What is the best solution to deploy the old verion Jitsi-meet?

Hi! I’m a fresher to Jitsi-meet and find it an excellent project for learners. :partying_face:

But I’m confronted with a tricky problem. I worked on a project based on the old-version Jitsi-meet. After a detailed comparison, I found it most likely based on this version. (GitHub - jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet at 735c30ec4f1c17b81f68c4b6684489e05115aeb2)

My initial idea is that deploy the server with quick installation and replace the libs and CSS folder in the Jitsi-meet server with changed ones. The quick installation works well, but after replacement there exist problems. I realized that this method is only practicable for UI changes.

Then I searched the community and came up with a topic about jitsi for develpment environment. So I followed the instructions for compiling and changed nginx root to the compiled source. It turned out I could access the website but be redirected to a random page.

After then, I checked logs of prosody, jicofo, and jvb. I found that prosody had errors with many modules like “auth_jitsi-anonymous”. Since I deployed the server with the latest version of Jitsi-meet, it has this module in “jitsi-meet/resources/prosody-plugins”. However, my version code lacks this. I went to the config file of prosody and simply change “jitsi-anonymous” to “token”. After that, the service of prosody was cashed down.

As a result, I have two possible solutions. One is custom the prosody configuration based on my version, the other is a quick installation with a specific version of Jitsi-meet. What is the best solution based on my limited knowledge? Or perhaps there is a better one? :melting_face: I also have one more question, how to add the specific Jitsi package repository with quick installation? I mean, the version most similar to my version. (I also find the manual installation in handbook, but it seems not a priority. )

Thanks a lot for reading my wordy post and stupid questions!

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Also many thanks for these helpful posts.

You may install the packages by setting their versions

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Got it. Thanks!