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Look, I had already answered you once on the subject. First, there is jitsi-meet open-source project, it is a tool, which you can install and use on your own. There are many various options to protect it and you can add your own management and protection on top of it.
And there is meet.jit.si which is an anonymous platform without any authentication. When you don’t have authentication you are limited in the things you can do.
The things you purpose are good and you can implement it for your environment. But that stuff does not belong to jitsi-meet as they are custom and depend on the environment you use, for example, that cannot be used on meet.jit.si and such highly scalable environments like this, there is no single firewall you can use. You will block it in one region and will not in another, for example, meet.jit.si runs in 7 regions around the world with multiple gateways and configuring those depends on the cloud provider that is used which is different for the users of jitsi-meet the open-source project.
Sorry but I could not watch the video, hearing bad words about the project and for our effort doing all this, sorry.
If you don’t like it, use something else. If you want to change something you can always fork it and do your thing on the fork in the way you want. If you don’t like the community just don’t use it.
I’m stopping here and don’t expect replies from me, I said what I had to say.


@damencho, I’m really sorry you had to deal with this and I wish you’d just ignored it. I saw the post earlier, even took a quick look at the video and had to close it out quickly because it just didn’t make much sense at all. This same person has been ranting for weeks and no amount of attention they get seems to suffice. At this point, it’s best to just let them be.

It just seems to me that someone is desperately seeking attention. Ranting over and over about things which have no real substance in the context of the overall goal of Jitsi makes no sense. They just want audience - and from my personal opinion, that should not be granted any more.

This bothers me because I’ve NEVER seen you lose your cool or respond so sternly to anyone (even at times when I felt it was warranted). I hope you know most of us really, truly and deeply appreciate what you and the entire Jitsi team are doing. Man, I was a paying subscriber on Zoom and I couldn’t even get technical support from them! They direct you to send an email and no one - and I mean NO ONE - responds for over a month! No lie! So, to find a SUPERIOR solution that’s completely free AND has passionate and patient support from the devs, is frankly something I keep pinching myself about everyday to be certain it’s real. Sometimes, I feel like I’m going to wake up and find out this has all been a dream… lol. But hey man, writing to say, THANK YOU for all you do - literally 24hrs a day, 7 days a week (yes, I’ve seen you respond at all kinds of odd hours to requests for help).

I speak on behalf of thousands when I say “We appreciate you!” Thanks!


@MrParadise, I have flagged your post as inappropriate because at this point, you’re just spamming the forum. You’ve ranted about this thing in several posts, over and over again and people have attempted to clarify goals to you, yet you remain committed to ignoring the obvious.

This is a community forum. In a community forum, every member has some responsibilities to the other members. One of such responsibilities is to respect the forum, respect the members and recognize the purpose and mission of the group. You seem to willfully disregard all of these because you just prefer to go on an unending rant. You’re making our collective experience here negative with this kind of negative energy. Please stop.

Honestly, if I were you, seeing as Jitsi is just not working for you, I’d just give Jitsi the middle finger and go build my own. Yes, that’s the best way to stick it up to people who won’t stop whatever is going on in their lives, change their mission and goal just to spend time to hear you rant about the same thing over and over again. Just stick it to them, man - build your own platform and let them die of envy. :roll_eyes:

…otherwise, please be quiet and thankful for getting a superior product for free!

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@MrParadise If you are so smart and the rest of us so clueless. Go fork the project and modify it to your liking. It really is that simple.