What is each JVB Capacity?


I know it depends!! :slight_smile:
When i use one JVB for more than 20-30 participants (5 conference with 5 participants), participants see problems in receiving audio and video. so i am running many JVBs that costs me alot
In https://meet.jit.si/ servers how many participants are services by 1 JVB?
i am deploying JVBs in docker. I searched alot i didn’t find good resources to learn how to config docker and host networks for JVBS :frowning:
If you have some good practices about jitsi configuration on productions please share. thanks alot :slight_smile:

Yep, it depends on the available bandwidth and cpu usage. But on bridge should be ok to serve 100 and more …

About docker, I wonder can it be you see limitations because jvb detects wrong number of CPU:s · Issue #1194 · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub

thanks damencho

i don’t have that issue. i have this line in JVB logs:
INFO: TaskPools detected 56 processors, creating the CPU pool with that many threads
it shows each JVB has 56 threads and I have about 50 JVBs on each server. Is not the number of total threads problematic?

I also have this problem that often the video turns off with the message “Video has been turned off to save bandwidth”, sometimes everyone in a meeting lose most videos of other participants at the same time that shows this problem is not related to their connection and it is related to JVB.
Can you help me how should i configure host and docker networks for JVBs. Dose it require any specific config.

This is too much.

I’m not familiar with docker, sorry.

You mean you have ONE computer with 50 containers in it ? If yes, what about the core number of the computer ? Do you have really 256 cores on each server ? and the memory contention ? 50 containers on one server is very doable for light loads, a static web server, for example. For real-time loads it’s a bit adventurous.

yes, it has 54 cores

54 cores ? that’s an usual count. Usually that’s a binary number, 16; 32, 64,… Anyway, that means that on average you have ONE core per jvb. That’s a bit on the lower side, given that standard advice is 4 cores for a basic start Jitsi-meet server. No wonder that your Jvbs can’t do much…