What is component_secret && admin registration

Component “focus.meet.example.com
component_secret = “xXxxXxXXxxXxxXXxXX”

Component “callcontrol.meet.example.com
component_secret = “XXxXxXxxxXxxxxxxxxx”

Do I use the following to generate these:

prosodyctl cert generate JITSIFQDN

prosodyctl cert generate auth. JITSIFQDN

Or is this the same as app_secret associated with app_id?

Or can I use my Comodo SSL Wildcard cert that I have encrypting JItsi.

If I declare following, I also have to register them, correct?

admins = { “focus@auth.meet.example.com”, “jvb@auth.meet.example.com”, “callcontrol@authmeet.example.com” }

Such as

prosodyctl register focus auth.meet.example.com
prosodyctl register jvb auth.meet.example.com
prosodyctl register callcontroll auth.meet.example.com


Where to I store the passwords?