WHat hooks nginx to jitsi-meet?

After multiple installation failures and retrys, remove/purging and re-installing and rebooting, I finally have jitsi-meet and nginx both installed, and apache2 not installed. The jitsi-videobridge and jicofo are running under systemd. However, there is nothing in the nginx configuration files that points to jitsi. What is supposed to do that modification? (ubuntu 18.04)

I have the same problem. Jitsi-meet nightly is not instalable if you re using apache2. WTF. Even if you folks dont like Apache. It is not a proper approach to force user to switch.
Could you please consider to support existing apache2 installations?

We do consider apache and we configure it when installing jitsi-meet. This is the template that is used https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/debian/jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet.example-apache
We detect and configure it here:

Did you get the is thing to work with nginx and apache2?

I have it working with nginx. I did not try apache2. I eventually had to do it on an AWS EC2 instance so I could easy wipe it and start over. One key turned out to be starting from a completely clean system. No matter how hard you try to uninstall it, jitsi leaves little bits of information behind from previous attempts that will trip you up later. The other thing was you must have a real domain name registered in advance that actually points to the machine.

The domain is now in order. The IP work going to the ec2 aws. However, I see the “it work” string on apache2. Although, I set the apache2 to listen on on 8080. I also set nginx to listen on 80 the redirect to 443. I have a valid ssl cert. What is problematic is why does jitsi-meet not working as in displaying the meeting conference. Do I have to configure some exception parameters?