What has happened to Jitsi?

I’m sorry to say this but this promising software has turned into a buggy mess.

The official installation seems to be rarely working nowadays without having to mess around with config files later on after investigating what actually went wrong…again… or manually starting services (jicofo, jvb etc in a specific order,) the infamous “another user joins and we get a crash” still plagues users even more so… etc etc etc…

Not so long ago just following the quick guide would get you a working installation. Nowadays it’s a pure wonder if it works OK at all.

What about dubiously implemented features?

Recording? You need another server for just one(!) meeting recording… LIke…what?

Why can’t we have recording\streaming done on a client’s side like OBS? Nowadays, with all the GPU encoding it doesn’t take any resources to do it. At least having this option would be nice…

Am I the only one who feels this way?


You could always ask for a refund :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, if you wanted to write client side recording, or sponsor a developer to do it if you’re not in a position to do it yourself, I reckon that would be really welcome.

(Yes, there are bits to improve, and the team is aware of it, and patches are coming pretty quickly. There’s also a massive presence on the forum here, trying to help people get up and running, and the challenges are clearly frustrating. Personally (as a long time jitsi user), I don’t feel inclined to criticise the core team, who are obviously working incredibly hard to copy with a massive increase in demand.)


yep, i think , and i hope

“I’m sorry to say this but” i think you are just the guy that never pay for whatever and come to ask free-wonder-from-open-source-good-will-world, without pain, the day he need it, the minute he need it. And claim that is not acceptable to don’t have it right now, perfectly running and immediatly . So, just contribute and write and share the code for free ! DIY !

You were asking : that is my feeling. : +1 for jitsi team



Make a PR… or code it yourself :slightly_smiling_face: this is the OpenSource spirit.

Open Source doesn’t meant to be thought like a free stuff, but as “if something is not how you like, you can CHANGE and IMPROVE it by yourself”

I’d never criticize someone’s other work in the case I’m not able to do it.


New version installed quite nicely and works! Thanks for the fixes! Where can I contribute?


you can contribute on GitHub :blush:

While the documentation indeed could need an overhaul (I guess the developers would love a PR from you), the software works really nice. The current build installs without problems and “just works” on a single machine.

I guess most problems are experiences by users who have little experience in Linux sysadmin and network matters.


the system works fine after i followed the quick install yesterday…

Im new here at jitsi but not in other open source software, if you have a problem post it the community will help you, make a request if you have an idea, or pay professional for you…

More power Jitsi nice works

I’ve put in a few pull requests for this — mostly around secure domain. They’re welcoming of us “outsiders”!

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This is exactly my case. New to all this, learning bit by bit, with lots of crashes, some pain and lots of satisfaction to compensate when something eventually works again after I’ve broken it :slight_smile:

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No. Attempting to install Jitsi messed up my Apache2 server on Ubuntu 18.04. I am now having to reinstall my whole OS to fix this. Very frustrating. If I try Jitsi again, it will be in a Dockerbox so I can’t wreck my server.

And I had Owncloud running but Jitsi install ruined Apache2 config so need to reload OS.

Seriously ? You will reinstall your whole OS for a fucked up apache2 config ? Are you a Windows user ?
Go learn sysadmin, understand what you are doing, or ask someone for help.

Jitsi is not the problem here i think.

By the way, thanks to the Jitsi’s dev team for their work.


Well, sorry for your loss.

You should have just searched Google for docker jitsi beforehand.

Also let me say that it is not a great habit to storm into someone suddenly and just say “no”, “very frustrated”, etc. without saying a hello or something. It is very impolite and that attitude does not help you at all.

You’re right. I’m an amataur at Apache and webservers. I apologize for my attitude. Most likely my mistake. Thanks

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