What happened to Tile view in meet.jit.si?

Just noticed that Tile view now truncates the webcam’s view (width). We are using C920s. This is not good as it can cut the view if there are other people in the view - especially for high-end conference room webcams. People will complain big time. You guys need to revert back to the previous Tile view scheme.

In a two-party call, most times, it’s really 2 people communicating, so it makes sense to have a narrower-angle of view. I find the new tile view angle for 2 people to be an absolutely remarkable improvement. When having a video call with just one party, users are pulled in closer on view which makes the experience more engaging, more real-life. Of course, when there are more than 2 parties sharing video, it defaults back to the generic landscape view. This is brilliant!

C920-user here too, by the way.

Well, a two-party call can mean a two “officeroom” call with mutiple people in a office (not just two people). In this case, the landscape view is required - especially with the higher-end wide view webcams. This is a scenario that we require. This is a “business” use case. So, we can agree to disagree.

Like I said “most times”. We all “require” different things. Sometimes the chips will fall your way, other times, it will fall other people’s way. It doesn’t make it bad (and in this case, I argue it’s actually much, much better - and I’m not alone in this thinking, judging from other people’s comments on the improvement). Speaker View still shows landscape as usual and in our “business” use case, we see no reason to show ourselves on screen when doing a 2-party call with multiple people in the office. And just so you know, you’re the only person I’ve personally seen complaining about this. So, that “People will complain big time” prediction might be inaccurate.

" we see no reason to show ourselves on screen when doing a 2-party call with multiple people in the office."

Tell that to two groups a lawyers doing depositions - a finicky bunch…

They need to show the local video at the same height as the remote video? As in they need to watch their own video feed while deposing someone remotely?

Yes. Lawyers, board rooms, business execs love to watch body lanquage. To clarify, I’m a software engineer who has designed and developed business applications for 29 years. Experience in obtaining requirements is a nasty art, but I’ve become good at anticipation.

Video conferencing is changing the way people do business. IMHO, Jitsi will be at the top of the ladder. You guys do great work. My job is to offer business clients various solutions. Once Jitsi gets to a certain point, we will setup our own servers. VP9 done. Break-out rooms done soon?

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I understand this, but wouldn’t they be watching the body language of the other party? Perhaps there’s something in this picture I’m not seeing. Surely, if someone is sitting in front of me, it’s easier to watch their body language in person than to watch a ‘mirror’ of sorts of them on screen. In a remote deposition, the party being deposed is on the other side and shows up on screen - you can watch their body language. I feel like I have a blind spot somewhere in what you’re describing. If they’re being deposed in person, you can see and watch them in person. No need to watch on screen what’s right in front of you. Am I missing something?

Breakout rooms are in the works. I believe there are plans to launch that feature relatively soon.

Lets do this: If you get more complaints, please revisit. That’s fair I think. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

Ooooh I’m not a Jitsi frontline dev. But I agree, they’re doing an awesome job!

IMO you are not wrong to complain. The PR was shown to all to see and comment, unfortunately it was not showing too much that it was cropping part of the image because the image used was mostly black, so it was showing in a very obvious way that the ‘important’ part was so much bigger, that one could not easily understand that some part was cropped:

So I think that while the new way is nicer for most uses, there could be as you say there are cases where this could be a problem.
You could file an issue IMO, not to revert because for most uses the new way is clearly better, but to allow the previous way as an option. AFAICT there is no way to do it currently.

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Ah, those screen shots are not informative. One thing that I have learned over the years: Many users don’t complain if they don’t like something - with respect to software, most users fell powerless.

The bottom line here is that some business meetings (or family meetings like mine) are conducted with two groups of people that want to be able to view eveybody at the same time. There are also one-on ones where people simply don’t want their webcam views chopped off. I have recently shown this to a handfull of associates and they don’t like it. I’ll wait awhile before filing the issue. I bet if you guys REALLY do the research, you would get complaints.

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Hey I made a video of the tiling strategy I use on my frontend.
This is probably how you’d want to handle conferences with a small number of participants.

It doesn’t support scrolling; it tiles all videos to maximize size but I could rewrite it.

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Thank you Innace, but we have not decided on if or when we will self-host.

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Hey, at least give us an option to select if we want to use the cropped view (yuck!) or the normal wide view:
There are so many other things in jitsi to fix - please don’t break it even more first.

Yes, I use the wide-tile-view as well for live productions, where people on the remote end are now cropped out, because someone ‘got a good idea’… sigh…
And yes, I am using the tile view to show multiple participants and yes, some of these participants might have more than one person in the call.
Remember when Instagram made all the phone manufacturers show images and video shot with the ‘selfiecam’ in mirrored mode, leading to breakage of livestreams where you want to show off products etc? Well… you took something smart and made it dumb…

… at least you’re making the move to Zoom easier and Freddie is not helping the case…

@renelm Well, get on the stage and give yourself a lonely standing ovation. You want some attention? I’ll give you some - just for a quick minute.

Your very first post here and it’s filled with nothing but venom. How impressive. Honestly, I’m in awe that anyone still bothers doing good stuff for random strangers with attitudes like yours. All that rant and you could easily have gone wit your “easier” mov. But of course, you won’t, because you’re all talk, all rant, all entitlement and at the end of the day, still just looking to freeload.

Prove me wrong and get at least a Basic JaaS Plan and I commit to personally show you how to get the landscape view back in your deployment.

Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 1.51.49 AM

You can subscribe at https://jaas.8x8.vc/

Put your money where your mouth is and make me shut up. Otherwise, please save that entitled rant for your live production, for someone who might actually find it entertaining. Not me. I don’t.

FYI: I don’t work for 8x8, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way. I do not benefit in any way from your subscription. But I respect people who back up their rants with real, tangible actions.

Chill dude. Jitsi team has already taken care of this. If you want a two-party call to use landscape mode (aka normal view) in tile view, use the new #config.disableTileEnlargement=true URL parm for both parties.

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