What exactly is RTX and should I enable it

I’ve tried googling it but Its still confusing to me. What exactly is RTX and is it better to have it enabled or no?

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Nvidia RTX Voice Noise Cancellation App | How It Works?

If you look at the config for meet.jit.si, RTX is enabeld:

disableRtx: false, // Enables RTX everywhere

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Thanks for your answer.
From your url

I found that RTX is not javascript, but a OS plugin.
Then how


can affect the usability of this plugin in participant’s computer.
Does it provide some API interact with javascript?

Or do you mean use RTX in jitsi server?

Do these two links help you?

How to use your Nvidia graphics card to improve the quality of your calls - The Verge

NVIDIA RTX Voice: Setup Guide

I don’t know the answer to your questions. My best guess is that RTX is a hardware/OS API feature that Jitsi uses via the participant’s web browser calling the hardware APIs. Hence I am guessing RTX works on the Jitsi client side and not the server, but is actually handled by the participant’s Web browser, that is if the participant’s computer actually support RTX.

My [client] computer does not support RTX (the video card is too old). RTX is enabled in my Jitsi server. My [client] computer works great for video conferencing with Jitsi even without having hardware RTX support, and I expect that computers with hardware RTX support would function even better.

RTX is in the context of webrtc. RTX - WebRTC Glossary

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My apologies dill, RTX has a number of meanings, and I was wrong in assuming it had to do with echo cancellation using hardware.

Thanks damencho for the clarification.

@GeorgeJitsi its no problem at all.

@damencho thank you!!

clear answer, thank you :+1: