What does session.jitsi_web_query_room and session.jitsi_web_query_prefix refer to?

i am creating custom module and endpoint in prosody and i have a room_name in my database which related to my website ,so my question is in
local room = get_room_by_name_and_subdomain(session.jitsi_web_query_room, session.jitsi_web_query_prefix);
the first parameter which is session.jitsi_web_query_room == which id ?(mine or one in the tool?

Please don’t open multiple threads asking about the same topic:

The session in the code example you took that from is the user session that is passed as an argument into the event handler. Those values are set by Jitsi to keep track of the room and prefix params that were passed in when establishing the session.

If you’re trying to call that method from a user event hook, you can use a similar approach.

If you are triggering that function in a different way, then session may not be applicable. If you already have the room name you want to act on, then just use that directly, i.e.

room = get_room_by_name_and_subdomain(room_name);