What does "native call integration" mean?

I just installed Jitsi Meet Android app on my tablet via F-Droid, version 20.0.3. What is the meaning of the advanced setting “Disable native call integration” which appears to be on (i.e. disabled) by default? Are the settings documented/explained anywhere?


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Hooks into the OS call system. I don’t know how it works with Android, but with iOS, its integrated with the native iOS dialler app, and so you can see previous jitsi calls in the same screen as cellular and SIP calls.

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Thank you.

@Neil_Brown can you please elaborate with basic scenario?


More developer details here:

iOS Callkit : https://developer.apple.com/documentation/callkit


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Thank you :slight_smile: for the quick replay…I got to know what is callkit and all.

I have one more question… I enabled call integration in jitsi but in the dialer/caller app of android, I am not seeing previous jitsi calls there… as @Neil_Brown was explaining above.

is it possible for you to share the previous jitsi calls when we enable native call integration?


I’m sorry, I have not implemented the Android app myself. I expect what you are looking for is integration with the CallLog though.