What does mean this symbol in jitsi meeting


what it means the blue signal on letft top of the window ?

We call this ninja icon :slight_smile:
This means that the video for the participant was turned off by the bridge, because there is not enough bandwidth on the client machine to receive it.

When the connection lost the icon is the normal signal icon, but grey.


Is there a possibility to disable this functionality?

Yes, but you risk making thing worse when there is not enough bandwidth jitsi-videobridge/reference.conf at bd22ff3fb31ecec06f6bcd8bd33077f74a122f60 · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub

one question, who doesn’t have enough bandwidth ? me ? or the “E” person ? .
BTW I wanted to leave a suggestion, IMHO, default of video quality should be 2 instead 4 (max quality) , because mobile phones or if we want do meetings with 12 quality 2 is more than enough

On a laptop/desktop, low quality video (level 2) is very uninspiring, especially when you have a low number of users in the call. Note that with the default configuration, when you have more than 2 people in a call in tile mode, the quality defaults to SD (which is the equivalent of level 2) and LD (level 3) once you have more than 6 people in a call.

It is the person seeing the indication - is the one having bandwidth problems.

@damencho wait, are you saying if I’m seeing the indicator on someone else’s thumbnail (say one user out of like 6), then I’m the one having bandwidth issues?

Yep, this is the bridge removing that video from the list of video sending to you and it becomes ninja.
You start loosing videos one by one till the current estimation are good for the number of sent videos. Then when your estimation ramp up you will start seeing them again.


Yikes! I’ve been reading this wrongly the whole time. Thanks for clarifying!

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so is my network , which it is strange I got 100Mbps or more in wire connection