What does host mean?

As far as I understand, the host is the organizer of the meeting, am I right? if yes, I read that the SDK supports a maximum of 100 hosts and a maximum of 100 participants, that means only 100 hosts can create meetings at the same time, right? - for example, 11 am, only 100 hosts can have meetings at that time, but 101 cannot.

With Jitsi, the “host” of the meeting is usually referred to as a moderator. See [How to] What is a meeting moderator?

Where did you see that? I don’t believe that is correct.

  1. Whether meeting creation is limited only to moderators or allowed for guests too depends on how the deployment is configured.
  2. There is no hard limit to the number of concurrent meetings that can run unless you artificially cap that using custom plugins. The max number of meetings you can host is mainly constrained by your server resources. (Large scale Jitsi deployment are usually set up to scale out horizontally so the limit will then be mainly driven by the cost of running the infrastructure)
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good morning, what about the maximum number of hosts on one channel?

By channel, do you mean in the same room?

The same. It also depends on your server resources and how you’ve set it up – for really large rooms you will need to spread the load across multiple video bridges. For example, in meet.jit.si you can have up to 500 participants in a room and they are all moderators.