What does "e2eping" parameter do?



I found an parameter called e2eping in config.js file. Could someone please tell me what its purpose is ? is it only available for P2P participants ?



I believe it’s end to end ping for analytic purposes, probably to allow for choosing different stun servers.


That’s strange. Because I don’t have any analytic integration on my platform. Is there any way to disable it ?



In my install it looks disabled BY default, but I’m still seeing java errors for it so :man_shrugging:
// e2eping: {
// // The interval in milliseconds at which pings will be sent.
// // Defaults to 10000, set to <= 0 to disable.
// pingInterval: 10000,
// // The interval in milliseconds at which analytics events
// // with the measured RTT will be sent. Defaults to 60000, set
// // to <= 0 to disable.
// analyticsInterval: 60000,
// }


If I remember correctly, it was used while testing bridges in different regions. It was used to get round trip times from one participant to another to figure out delays.


Also, it doesn’t look like it can be turned off right now. https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/blob/57ecdf2f16c31fda3685ec6b2936ddf2bd77d824/JitsiConference.js#L261 The config section overrides default values. https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/blob/57ecdf2f16c31fda3685ec6b2936ddf2bd77d824/modules/e2eping/e2eping.js#L200


Thanks for the clarification



e2eping sends pings over the webrtc data channel between all pairs of endpoints in a conference. It is used for analytics, and in order to display the end-to-end RTT in the user interface. It can be disabled by setting config.e2eping.pingIntervalMs=-1.