What did I do wrong?/What to tell first time users?

TL;DR Is there a set of best practices to help make sure meetings by total newcomers to jitsi work the first time?

A friend wanted to plan a family reunion with her cousins and I suggested meet.jit.si I told her no app was needed and everyone could just click the link. No one had used jitsi before.

There were five participants. Some on laptops some on phones. Unfortunately there was a terrible echo problem. I suggested they use headphones. All but one had them, yet the echo continued. The only time there was no echo was when the headphoneless participant was speaking. (So can I presume her device was at least one of the contributors to the echo problem?) There was one person on his phone, in a car on an expressway in the USA.

I know one participant was using a browser on a Purism laptop PureOS. The headphonless person was using the latest Firefox for Android 12 on a Samsung phone called A53. They are not particularly interested in software freedom so after about ten minutes of struggle they predictably switched to Zoom.

Oh well. You win some you lose some. I’ve used jitsi forever both on meet.jit.si and on my own server. I haven’t had the echo problem for years. It has “just worked” for me for a long time.

I’m sure this was a fluke, but I was wondering what I could do next time to help prevent disasters. Is there a set of best practices that newcomers should use to make sure the conference goes well? Always use the app? Always use headphones? etc? Sorry if this is already a thing and I have missed it.

Thanks in advance!

Are there some participants joining the meeting from the same place?

Thank you for responding, emrah.

The closest members of the group were about 200 miles from each other.