What can you recommend to benchmark Jitsi Meet installation?

We already have several Jitsi Meet setups and we made some tests using public accessible instructions.

Right now we want to set up a really big JITSI installation for conferencing on our own hardware
(actually inside our own KVM machine).

We may choose the hardware for our setup, but we need to benchmark our installation.

The first question is about the tool for measurement.

What do you use for your setup to aggregate performance metrics?
And what do you use to collect workload stats in real time?

The second question is about tool to produce the workload.

We have tried jitsi-meet-torture, in minimal minimal setup with docker-compose.
We saw that we are a quite limited with the resources on our test machine.
Should we set up a little cloud of jitsi-meet-torture nodes or is there another solution for benchmarking?

Actually jitsi-meet-torture is great, but right now we need less tests but more benchmarks.

And the third question is about auto scaling.

I saw the sub-projects like: jitsi-autoscaler.
What do they actually do? Can you recommend smth. to setup scallable solution for huge setups?