What are the Pre-requisites for Installing Jibri on separate Machine?

As per the Jibri Installation document available on GitHub, I installed Ubuntu 18 server so that no X server problem exists again. Over new installation we just need Jibri to be installed or need Prosody & Jitsi meet too? If the Jibri Machine has FQDN the same as IP ADDRESS, what changes we need to another system on which Jitsi & Prosody has been installed? How Jitsi meet system will call the JIBRI machine?
Do we need to make jibri auth account and recorder account on Jibri machine or Jitsi Machine? Prosody, JICOFO, JVB, JITSI-MEET will remain on which system?

Jibri is addition to jitsi-meet. You need to first install jitsi-meet and make sure it works in p2p and in jvb mode (3 and more participants). Then you need to install jibri, knowing the domain you used for jitsi-meet and the users for jibri needs to be added to the prosody that is installed with jitsi-meet, cause this is where jibri will land.

@damencho , you didn’t get my concern. Actually I have seen in several posts that it has been recommended to use JIBRI on a standalone machine where no other tasks must be running.

So the separate instance, separate machine for jibri here mentioned, required jitsi-meet, jicofo,jvb prosody install on the same machine? Or we need jibri to be installed on separate machine all alone?
Because in this issue, I have installed Jibri in addition to jitsi meet on the existing machine and I was facing X Server issue even in Text/Console .

Yes jibri on separate a machine.

This making me confused now :smiley:So on that separate machine what other than Jibri we need to install? I have 1 virtual Machine on which on which Jitsi Meet Package alongwith Prosody has been installed and working fine.

Another VM has just JIBRI installed…not jitsi package & prosody. Now this how separate Machine/Instance you were saying?

So when I run “sudo service jibri-xorg start”, it successfully running and status showing good indication of running. Now how Jitsi (installed on separate vm) will connect to it?
What other things I need to install on Jibri machine to connect to JitsiSystem?

On the jibri machine you need just jibri and its dependencies and configurations as described in the jibri readme. Just follow the jibri readme.