What are Jitsi Meet requirements for self-hosting?

Hi, am sure you have had all these questions before but bear with me :wink:

all I need to know is:

What are the system requirements for a VPS ill be buying? as in Ram and processors
What is the best OS to use Ubuntu or Debian 64bit or 32bit?
Once installed can I remove the Banner of Jitisi on the screen and put my own?
Also is there a good control panel for staff to handle attacks or abuse problems?

The mission is to self-host on a VPS as part of an NHS help network.

Many thanks in advance to any great smart people who reply.

Sorry is this project being taken seriously or is it the project losing its users because I have not had a response to a serious question? I thought this was a busy project? If ya can not type a reply just give me all the links I need to my question.
I just want to install a client that will not go wrong in the future because its a long term project I am doing.

Its an open community, im sure others will help you here.

Yes, we all had this questions…

About the system requirements i would recommend check this https://jitsi.org/jitsi-videobridge-performance-evaluation/

Ubuntu or debian? They are likely the same… im running ubuntu 18.04 lts for jitsi and jibri servers. In jibri docs they recommend 16.04, in youtube i saw videos with debian, centos and others… use what you feel more confortable i would say.

Yes you can change jitsi as you want, see this https://jitsi.org/user-faq/

About the Control panel i would like to see this too, please share if you find one :smiley:

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Lissandro many thanks for your input thats exactly what I needed, you are a star thank you.
Im not being lazy lol I just wanted a starting point I guess because I already have a WebRTC client I made on windows with the best security but my brother who was doing most of the programming had a stroke and now im left with a project and sort of lost now so I am looking for better self hosting projects so I can scap the other one and work with another team, im not only sad about my brother but im sad to have to scrap my simpleWebRTC project and go back to linux again. Anyway many thanks and ill have a good read of the links you provided. My one has a control panel we made to kick and ban so I was hoping this would to as there are so many trollers out there and linux is easy to hack but I guess that depends on how smart you are lol

Jitsi dont have this Panel you talked about, but see the secure domain https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/secure-domain

You will be able to create specif users for your jitsi, on integrate via ldap or jwt with other apps. The authenticated users are able to kick others from meetings
About hacking… well… this is a complete different issue