We're at Jitsi Hackathon, for reactions challenge (emoji-reaction)

Hello to everyone,

We have project on winning in class with the Jitsi Hackathon. First of all, we can get support from the Jitsi community.

Ideas, feedback, possible use cases etc. We need.

Related Links
GitHub: emoji-reaction
Demo: https://jitest.12m.com.tr/jitsi-emoji or you can use any meeting room link (If you want to test)

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FYI: It only worked for me when I had my video disabled. I was the only person in the meeting room.

I believe most people will like this.

My only concern is that it might clutter the menu bar if we keep adding things. Personally I would prefer the “Participants” icon/option be moved into the “…” menu option. The average meeting participant should not be burdened with yet another feature in the menu bar (of course if we have emoji, this is the logical place).


Yes, our expectation is that it will work when the camera is turned off.

You are right that the crowded menu can make it difficult to use. A little work can be done on this as well. thanks for return.

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Suggestion: When someone is sending video and uses emoji, temporally turn off video and send emoji, then return back to sending video. (I guess that you have thought of this and likely intend to do this anyway).

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Actually we hadn’t planned this. We can evaluate this issue with the team.

Hi George! We implemented this change. If you want to take a look again: https://jitest.12m.com.tr/jitsi-emoji


Yep, I had a look at the change and that looks great to me. Good time length is long enough but not too long. Long enough to see the emoji and then go back to the person’s video.

In a meeting, this should look good.

In the test environment we share with you, our emoji time is 5 seconds. But we mostly use it as 30.

You can return for different ideas,

Since people might like different times. How about giving the moderator the ability to set how long they want emoji’s to stay visible for the meeting ?

This could be very important.

The setting can be in “More” section of the “Settings”. (as a suggestion?)

All the best with your presentation for the Jitsi Hackathon !

(question: How many more hours before the Hackathon finishes?)

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today ends at 16.00 :sweat_smile:

Maybe adding a shortcut to repeat the last emoji action will be nice (without opening the emoji tab again)

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Thanks for your advice :slightly_smiling_face: We will add a keyboard shortcut as soon as possible.