[Wep App] Codec info not shown

sometimes from the web app i can’t see any info about the codec in use.
Is it a know issue, or is it a combination of different browsers that can generate the problem?

Now I’m using FF 96.0 and Chrome 98.0.4758.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Check your browser’s js console for errors

Except for one error about gravatar, there are no other errors in my javascript’s logs.
Any other tip?

Wait - if you’re checking from FF, I think it doesn’t provide support for certain stats. Checking from Chrome in the same meeting will show all stats.

I have exactly the same behavior with Chrome and Firefox too.
The test of the previous comment, to check the javascript logs, was done with Chrome and the only error concerns gravatar

Can you test on meet.jit.si and report your findings?

Good morning Freddie, in the end after some further tests I understood the reason for the strange behavior.
As long as the microphone is turned off, and therefore only the video stream passes through, nothing is ever shown about the codecs
So to have info about codecs, both microphone and webcam must be turned on

Hmm…mm that’s weird. I wonder what the reasoning is. It’d have been more logical to me if just the audio codec is missing in such instances, since video is still being shown.

Note also that this only happens if you start the meeting with audio muted; if the mic is muted while in a meeting already, the codecs continue to show.