welcomePageAdditionalContent not showing up on new Welcome Page

Hello everyone,
im having trouble getting the content of the welcomePageAdditionalContent.html to actually show up on the newly designed Welcome Page.

I changed the settings in the interface_config.js to look like this


for my my welcomePageAdditionalContent.html i used this template
welcomePageAdditionalContent.txt (616 Bytes)

And should look like this

Example Company | Browser Test | Datenschutz | Impressum

I’ve made some slight changes to .welcome .header and .header-container in the all.css and im not sure if this maybe interferes.
My HTML and CSS knowledge is very limited so I’m sure there is a workaround. I’d like to have this set in a different directory so i don’t have to redo it after every update, if that is a possibility.
I also was not able to find the additional footer or “jmfooter” anywhere in the browser console.

Thank you very much for your response.

Kind Regards

you need to add css in the plugin.head.html, like it is done here:

took me a day to find out too …

When it comes to updates, you are in my opinion safe to save those two files and restore them afterwards.

Thank you for your answer, please exuse that it took me so long to respond.
I’ve seen this or similar edits of the plugin.head.html before.
I have tried the exact configuration of both files (including the welcomePageAdditionalContent.html) like shown on the site posted by you but also after a restart and clearing the browser cache I sadly had no success…