Welcome to all our GSoC Students!


Hey folks,

Google have announced the accepted students in the beginning of this
week and we'd like to give them a warm welcome here!

So the winners are:

Andy Gorski - Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)
A SIP to Jingle (XMPP) gateway in Kamailio (OpenSER)
Mentor: Daniel-Constantin Mierla / miconda@gmail.com

Mariusz Okrój - Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)
Wireshark dissector for XMPP
Mentors: Sebastien Vincent (seb@jitsi.org)
         Emil Ivov (emcho@jitsi.org)

Xu Dingxin - Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Support for the SILK and Opus wideband codecs
Mentors: Lubomir Marinov (lubo@jitsi.org)
         Jean Lorchat (jean.lorchat@gmail.com)

Purvesh Sahoo - Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (India)
Spell checking and XMPP Chatrooms
Mentors: Yana Stamcheva (yana@jitsi.org)
         Emil Ivov (emcho@jitsi.org)

The list is also available here:

Dear students, we are very happy to have you on the team! We will soon
be publishing your exact project requirements on http://gsoc.jitsi.org
but you should all know enough to start already.

Some of the things you need to do now are:

* Compiling and regularly using Jitsi (yes, we do expect you to use it
at least for the duration of the program ... dogfooding is an essential
part of FLOSS)
* Subscribing to this mailing list. You are currently being CCed but you
would not receive further e-mails unless you subscribe. Check the
following link for more details: http://jitsi.org/lists
* Get in touch with your mentors and start coding. We think that it is
important that you at least try to start during the community bonding
period so that you would be at full speed by the time the coding period
* Don't hesitate to ask questions here if you have any.

We intentionally decided to accept a lower number of students this year
so that you guys would be getting more attention and quality mentoring,
so looking forward to hearing from you!