Welcome page Title tag change

How can I change the HTML title tag of the welcome page?

you can find all here /usr/share/jitsi-meet

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I changed title.html file. when i load the welcome page my title comes for a second and then again gets replaced with Jitsi Meet Title

change it in interface_config.js

You have to change the interface_config.js, look into the line 31:

APP_NAME: 'Jitsi Meet',
NATIVE_APP_NAME: 'Jitsi Meet',

Also you have to edit libs/app.bundle.min.js and search for That home page Free Conferencing text and replace that too, if you want it.

There is also a lang/main-enGB.json but editing there doesn;t do anything. Also for logo change go to images folder and replace watermark.png logo with your png logo and jitsilogo.png with your own logo.

with it, I got success.

Can someone please guide me, how to link local title.html and interface_config files.
I am running jitsi-meet at localhost, using command make dev

@rajatmanik, See the other thread: Link local interface_config