Welcome page title not changing

Hello, I’m trying to change the title on the welcome page

And yes I tried Welcome page Title tag change - Developers - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users
but still it’s Jitsi meet so how i can change it ?

Looks ok to me:


wait a sec WHAT

Okay I think I found the issue, so looks like even if you clear your browser cache it does not get cleared
You need to go to Cloudflare (or any other CDN if you are using any) and just clear its cache

Good luck

Another question, so I disabled mobile app promo but why It’s still showing ?

MOBILE_APP_PROMO affects a different page, i.e. one that is shown to users when they arrive using Mobile Web Browser.

For the welcome page footer, you cannot disable just the mobile links but you can remove the whole welcome footer using DISPLAY_WELCOME_FOOTER: false.