Welcome Page for a non-Dev

I have installed the latest Debian stable Jitsi on the latest Debian stable. Everything works great so props to all the devs on making a simple, intuitive, robust, and attractive platform!

I’ve seen the other posts here and elsewhere on how to alter the welcome page at a high level but I do not possess the requisite knowledge on react or javascript to make use of the standard replies of, “Build the sources like it says here.”

Here’s what I know. I can make changes to all.css to change the temperance of the welcome page. I also know that lang/main.json contains the text of the welcome page. What I do not know is how to change the text that renders. I’ve changed lines 53 and and 67 (appDescription and title) yet my new text does not replace the old on my running Jitsi instance.

What am I missing?

The default language is bundled in the javascript. If you want to change it, you will need the source code, chane it, compile it, deploy it.

Where in the source will I find this?

My understanding of your reply is that I have to locate some .js file – modify it with the text I would like to display on my welcome page - then compile as per the previously linked instructions. Is this correct?

After modifying the json file, you just need to compile the sources and deploy so you can use them.
Yes, initial npm install and then on every change do a make

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Posted a solution using CSS here:

Help me ! i want to change it’s