WebSocket connection to wss://... failed. Need HELP)

I have adjusted the Jitsi in GKE. My p2p calls work well. But when I add the third participant I haven’t audio/video, the same with mobile app(android/ios). In web console I get error, see screen. I saw a lot of articles about this problem websocket + jvb, but I couldn’t fix it. Ports were open, no errors in web(nginx) pod. I don’t know what else should I check because I don’t see all understanding how Jitsi network works.
If need any configs and logs I’ll attach. Can you help me?

Is everything hosted on the same server? Looks like you ay be using non-traditional ports.

It was deploy to google kubernetes GKE. There are several pods on several nodes in one cluster. A pod web include 3 containers (web, prosody, jicofo). The jvb is another pod.
Yes we use another ports instead of 1000 for jvb.

Also we use a cert-manager for generation certs and haproxy as loadbalancer.

We have the same a cluster for development. But there all work.

I’m not very familiar with kubernetes, but make sure the ports are accessible (check firewall) and your configs reference the port changes.

I’m not sure that understood the second part your message: ‘…and your configs reference the port changes.’

If you change ports, you have to reflect those changes in your config files. Take a look at this post for example:

Thanks, I’ll check it.