Websocket connection returns 101

Dear all,
I try to migrate to Websocket communication (for linking JVB and clients instead of RTCData). I followed the tutor in FAQ · Jitsi Meet Handbook for the local JVB and then the tutor in Tip: websocket and the additional JVBs - Install & Config - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users for additional JVBs. I got the problem that the websocket connection always returns 101 in Status Code, and then I see several requests in the form http-bin?room=XXXX. And the Websocket is emitted again…
What did I miss in enabling Websocket connection ?
By the way, I found a third tutor related to websocket [How To] How to enable websockets (xmpp-websocket) and smacks for Prosody - Developers - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users Are they the same connection as the one I try to set in accordance with the tutor in the first two tutor? What is smacks used for?
Many thanks

well, this tutorial says almost at the beginning:
:fire:This websocket should not be confused with the websocket used between the client and the video bridge
it’s a different websocket setup. The xmpp websocket configuration is entirely optional for now. Websockets for JVB are now the standard.

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Thank @gpatel-fr for reminding me that notice. In fact I thought that the communication between client and JVB is also a xmpp.That is why I just messed up
Someone can tell me please how I can verify the setting for this websocket communication
Many thanks

you are trying 2 tutorials, one for the simple case, one for the complex case. I’d suggest to tackle first the simple case and forget the complex case. When you have solved the simple case, complex will be simpler. And it’s not possible to help someone saying ‘I have a problem ! I followed the guide ! it does not work, why ?’ because ‘error code’ 101 is purely informational, it’s displayed even when everything works, so you provided no information, no console log, no config file, nothing at all.

Dear @gpatel-fr
So I stick to the first tutor, using the JVB installed in the same host with the Jitsi meet.
After setting as in FAQ · Jitsi Meet Handbook
I have the following message in the network log:

I found in the jvb.log the following warning “Invalid message received (Could not resolve type id ‘PinnedEndpointChangedEvent’ as a subtype of org.jitsi.videobridge.message.BridgeChannelMessage: known type ids = [AddReceiver, ClientHello, DominantSpeakerEndpointChangeEvent, EndpointConnectivityStatusChangeEvent, EndpointMessage, EndpointStats, LastNChangedEvent, LastNEndpointsChangeEvent, ReceiverVideoConstraint, ReceiverVideoConstraints, RemoveReceiver, SelectedEndpointChangedEvent, SelectedEndpointsChangedEvent, SenderVideoConstraints, ServerHello, VideoTypeMessage]
at [Source: (String)”{“colibriClass”:“PinnedEndpointChangedEvent”,“pinnedEndpoint”:null}"; line: 1, column: 17]: {“colibriClass”:“PinnedEndpointChangedEvent”,“pinnedEndpoint”:null}"

One thing is that I already upgrade to prosody 0.11.7
If you need some other info I will try to upload it here
Many thanks

Connection upgrade happens at the web server level (usuallty nginx), so the nginx site configuration and the nginx log can be helpful.

This is quite a common issue, please suggest me if you find any solution for it.

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