Websocket connection error in lib-jitsi-meet connection to dockerized jitsi

I have setup dockerized jitsi based on the installation guide provided in the jitsi documentation page and I am trying to create a custom jitsi UI using lib-jitsi-meet based on the example provided in in the repository. Following is the third argument that I pass to the JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection

const options = {
        hosts: {
            domain: 'meet.jitsi',
            muc: `muc.meet.jitsi` // FIXME: use XEP-0030
        bosh: `https://mydomain.com/http-bind?room=${title}`, 
        websocket: `wss://mydomain.com/xmpp-websocket?room=${title}`,
        clientNode: 'http://jitsi.org/jitsimeet'

Unfortunately I get the following error which indicates that websocket connection cannot be established.

2021-08-09T10:30:28.660Z [modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <WebSocket.e.onclose>:  Channel closed: 1006 
console.<computed> @ index.js:1
overrideMethod @ react_devtools_backend.js:2574
o @ Logger.js:154
e.onclose @ BridgeChannel.js:359
BridgeChannel.js:86 WebSocket connection to 'wss://my.domain.com/colibri-ws/{private-ip-of-jvb-container-in-the-jitsi-docker-network}/3a6df8be6eb813a1/2ad1ef2f?pwd=48dk661tioc26om64qecqo90id' failed:

ps: https://mydomain.com is reverse proxied to jitsi/web container

XMPP websocket and bridge websocket are different

would you elaborate?
I don’t understand that.

The error is related with the bridge websocket but the config you talked about, it’s related with xmpp websocket

How can this be fixed?

I have no idea how can be fixed on Docker setup. For normal setup, it works flawlessly if there is only one JVB on JMS server. When there are additional JVBs, one of the related posts is this

I should note that the default jitsi web client does not have this problem And I only have one jvb.

It may be confused if there are more than one issue at the same time. You may try your client using meet.jit.si

This is the log from my jitis/web container:

"GET /colibri-ws/{private-ip-of-jvb-container-in-the-jitsi-docker-network}/690e50b6b15b7e47/e61ee3dd?pwd=1k4b907elfgs522q2qtgbvkcru HTTP/1.1" 403 383 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 11; Pixel 5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/90.0.4430.91 Mobile Safari/537.36"

And following is the log from jitsi/jvb container:

WARNING: Received request for an nonexistent conference: 690e50b6b15b7e47

Incoming web socket request with an invalid password. Expected: 7jie6sqidtp9ghfeoel94ia646, received 37cb3jrjv8gtvsv8876u7rh1us