Websocket configuration parameter in config.js: websocketKeepAliveUrl


I could not find any details about how to setup in my server (nginx) the websocket Keep Alive parameter:

websocketKeepAliveUrl: ‘https://meet.jit.si/_unlock’, (i.e: https://mydomain/_unlock)

The “_unlock” location where has to be redirected? Do I need a local service? which one?

Thank you!

P.S: Amazing job with Jitsi! Big thank you to the team & community.

Are you using haproxy and stick tables syncing across those haproxy instances?

No, all servers/services (1 x meet/jicofo/prosody/meet + 5 x jvb with octo + 3 x jibri) are directly accessed through public IP addresses.

I don’t know where the “_unlock” requests should be addressed.

Thank you!

You don’t need that, just don’t set that config websocketKeepAliveUrl.

OK, I just though that will improve reliability of the websocket service on crowed meetings.

You know better than me…If you say I don’t need it, fair enough :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time & nice weekend.

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