WebSocket ChannelClosed by Client when recording is on --> recording stopped

I have a problem with Jitsi API integration.
While meeting recording is active, it abruptly stops. on the browser console (both chrome and edge) I read: “WebSocket: Channel Closed”. in particular, on the chrome console I read “WebSocket: Channel Closed: 1006”.

Can anyone give me suggestions?
it’s quite urgent,
Thank you.

Are you running the API against meet.jit.si or against your private server?

we are running the API on jitsi meet

when we call this API : getDeploymentInfo()
we receive this JSON :
{environment: ‘meet-jit-si’, envType: ‘prod’, releaseNumber: ‘2846’, shard: ‘meet-jit-si-eu-central-1a-s46’, region: ‘eu-central-1’, …}
crossRegion: 0
envType: “prod”
environment: “meet-jit-si”
region: “eu-central-1”
releaseNumber: “2846”
shard: “meet-jit-si-eu-central-1a-s46”
userRegion: “eu-central-1”