WebRTC Monitor for Jitsi - Open Source Solution on Docker / Native Setup

Hi All,

We are launching an open source, WebRTC monitoring solution for Jitsi next week. We will be going over what features are available and how to set it up using docker.

If you are interested, please signup here: Form

Event date/time: 17/01/23 (EST 9.00am/ UK 2.00pm/ Germany & Sweden 3.00pm/ IST 7.30pm) which is next Tuesday.

We will share the link to the Github repo. and continue to update the community afterwards here. Feel free to join us on the date, or fire away any questions.

Hope this helps Jitsi service providers give better support and increase user satisfaction of their clients.

WebRTC monitor includes:
– Call quality metrics
– Data visualization dashboards
– Debugger with helpful solutions


Interesting! Please do keep us posted!

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Join us today for the live webinar on launch of WebRTC monitor for Jitsi .We are excited to see you and provide a quick setup guide to using the monitor. Using WebRTC monitor helps Jitsi users have higher call quality experiences.

Event date - 17/01/2023 ( Today)
Time - EST 9.00 am / UK 2.00 pm / Germany and Sweden 3.00 pm / IST 7.30pm.

Click below link to join the webinar :

  • link to recording will be added here soon.

See you there!!!