Webpack not reloading browser after update

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great.

After latest update of jitsi code with our custom setup, after save of file, webpack reloads project but it does not reload browser, I tried adding hot reload, editing index.html, but it does not help, I’ve also checked several links

none of these have solution for this issue

in package.json, this is setup for webpack

"webpack": "4.43.0",
"webpack-bundle-analyzer": "3.4.1",
"webpack-cli": "3.3.11",
"webpack-dev-server": "3.11.0"

The reload always worked for editing js files that produce the appbundle. Things like the config and the index.hrml are always served from the backend deployment that is used.

Currently editing for example Conference.js is reloading webpack, but browser is not reloaded automatically, diffchecking old version and new version I can notice some packages were added, but they are not affecting this issue (tried deleting them all and adding one by one)