Webpack dev server different from accessing self-hosted jitsi directly

My self-hosted jitsi (docker stable-7001) works perfecly fine when I access it directly, but when I use the webpack-dev server with my self-hosted jitsi as a backend, I get these kind of errors:

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss:// BridgeChannel.js:84:19

2022-04-12T20:21:47.322Z [modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <2849/_handleChannel/e.onclose>: Channel closed by server Logger.js:154:22

2022-04-12T20:21:47.323Z [modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <2849/_handleChannel/e.onclose>: Channel closed: 1015

I can only do some UI changes, but the speakerstats don’t get updated because of this error. How can I make it work? I already did ENABLE_XMPP_WEBSOCKET=0 but his only fixed a different kind of error (I was disconnected from rooms, with this fix I could join rooms).

Again, my jitsi instance works fine on it’s own, the errors occur when I use the webpack dev server.


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