Webinar solution for Jitsi


I was just wondering how i can get a webinar like behaviour with Jitsi.

I have read issue [jitsi-users] jitsi for an online event? but i wanted to check if there have been any imrpovement on this subject or can there be a workaround solution…

For example, i would like to have a meeting with 50-60 participants… But the actual multiviewer window will handle only one speaker and 4 participants with audio/video and all the rest will be watching as guests…

I would like to let them watch the main stream and when someone raise hand to ask a question or to join the conference, i would like to swap one of the four participant on the screen with this one and give audio/video access… Simply, there will be 5 publishers and rest will be subscribers (reveivers)…

The missing feature i see in jitsi is, only youtube streaming seems to be a solution to make people watch who are not a member of the conference… or is there a better way to administrate this? Are there any commands which i can use in the API or the config file to achieve this webinar moderating? Or in other words, is there a way to join 50-60 people in a conference but only 5 of them will displayed and have audio/video access; rest will also participate the call but will not be on the layout and will have a/v disabled…

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There is no such behavior right now. You can setup lastN, the number of active participants. The last N people that talked will be displayed and will have video. You can also set all participants to start audio and video muted. This is what we have currently.

All the participants will be visible as thumbnails with their names and avatars, there is no option to display only N number of people. We will be working this year on a project for big conferences and something similar maybe added.

There is no option/api call for a participant to change the last n, to say which streams to be in or out of the last N. The current implementation is that jvb decides on that base on settings and receiver available bandwidth.

Thank you very much for your explanations; i will check lastn… also i hope to have some more features this year together with your big conference project…
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I wanted to know was there update for this part?

If exist new api or new updates for big conferences and presenter mode?

This is really interesting! Are there any updates on this? We would like to integrate this for an online knowledge sharing project where we used a proprietary platform in the past.

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Very interested here. I am using embedded jitsi as a theatre, and this is exactly what I need - I don’t need the capacity for massive numbers, just to be able to show only the actors in tile view. It would even be fine if the audience’s tiles were visible in a ribbon on the right or the bottom, but I need the actors to be bigger and in the centre. Like speaker view, only with more than one speaker showing at the same time.

@damencho any updates on this? Thanks for all your great work

Not yet. We continue work on it, but it is an enormous effort in uo, signalling and the bridge side. Probably in few months there will be news.

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Okay thank you

I have done it as follows using Iframe API.

  1. Speakers UI is controlled based on their login.
  2. For subscriber smiilar way, hide camera and mic buttons, join them without audio and video. Hide all other features you don’t need.
    Hide no video participants using CSS.
    Hide film strip for them.
    Only issue is in tile view video size becomes small if there are lot of participants.

The tile view video size would be an issue for me, as I’m running a theatre. I wonder if there’s a way round that?

Hi, I have a couple of questions:-

  1. Were you able to achieve a scenario here where certain participants were completely hidden and these participants were able to view and hear the avideo/audio while being able to chat?

  2. How was the point no 1 which you mentioned where ’ Speaker UI was controlled based on their Login’ achieved?

Sorry for late, I was travelling.
What I do is use Iframe ApI. And join different type of users from different url.
from one url moderators join and from other normal users join. Depending on url control what they can see etc.
I control with css if camera is off they are hidden.

.tile-view .display-avatar-only {display: none !important  ; position : relative !important ; left : auto !important ; top : auto !important;height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; min-height: 0px !important; min-width: 0px !important;}
.tile-view .display-video { position : relative !important ; left : auto !important ; top : auto !important ; }

.filmstrip__videos > div {flex-wrap: wrap !important; }
.vertical-filmstrip .filmstrip {display: none }

.filmstrip__videos .remote-videos > div:first-child {height : auto !important ;}