Webinar Mode

I am developing webinar mode so i want that whenever normal participant (except host and panelist) join the meeting he/she will receive load sripped down version of ui only they can chat ,seek permission from moderator to speak and enable video is it possible to do it? please help me @damencho

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The short answer is “there is no webinar mode” out of the box. However, I believe you can get close with a combination of config.js changes and a custom Prosody module (on your self hosted Jitsi server)

Start here and then search the forum:

This sounds like the visitor mode we are working on. It needs manual setup of the environment and the permissions part is still not available, it is just visitors can automatically promote to the main meeting. But this is still work in progress and one of the next steps is the implementation of the permissions part so the auto-promote can be disabled.

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We do it very often and it is possible.
Use iframe api with jwt token and control what ever you want.