Webinar maximum participants


I have a new project where client needs a setup to organise job webinar for their clients.
In webinar only moderator have access of all feature and only his screen can sharable to all participants and participants can listen audio and view screen of moderator.

As per their needs which I mentioned above I have done it quite easily by modifying code for web , iOS and Android.

The only technical concerns is they are asking to know how many participants they can have in webinar?

So please guys help me out and guide what can be the real maximum participants in each webinar or is there anyway can I extend the numbers.


It depends on the infrastructure. We support up to 500 participants in Jitsi Meet, but you need to have a beefy enough infrastructure to support it.

Awesome!! Can you please elaborate the meaning of infrastructure ?

Are you talking about the server specifications ?

Are there any resources link can you share so I will forward to my System/Network team to look into that and create the best infrastructure as per client needs.

It’s virtually impossible to provide a spec that would work for everyone, since it also depends on the meeting shape: is everyone sharing their own video, etc.

You are going to need multiple JVBs with OCTO configured, that’s for sure. So I’d start by setting up a couple, load testing and adding more as needed.

  1. No one can share audio and video .
  2. Only moderator can share audio and video just like a normal webinar works.

My client is looking to have a setup to organise webinars where they can have 3000 participants round about in the meeting with above two settings.

It’s currently not possible to have 3000 participants in a meeting.

Ok . So any real number of maximum of participant can you share so it would be easy to document maximum strength of the system and it would help our client to know the system details in more depth.


As I mentioned earlier 500 participants is our limit at the moment.

Ok Thank you very much , I highly appreciate your prompt response .:+1:

You may share the moderator session to multiple Jitsi rooms.

See jitas and the related video

Can you please elaborate little more so I can understand.

Hi !

There is limit of 500 participants in one meeting but no limit of meetings I guess.

So I would suggest to the client to create 6 meetings so they can handle 3000 participants at the same time, because they can manage 6 host who can run same webinar in their own room likewise a class room of each teacher.

So my question is I hope we can hoat 6 parallel meetings with 500 participants ? Is that possible or not .

As I mentioned earlier 500 participants is our limit at the moment.

Is it a hard limit in any way?
Right now we can’t pass a 300 user conference mark and can’t identify, what is limiting us.
Under load tests, users can join conference (frontend) - at least 900 users in one room.
But only 300 users could connect to jvb.
We could also run 3 rooms for 300 users each and it works perfectly - 900 users at one jvb. So, I guess, jvb doesn’t have any limits for 300 users, but the rooms does.
We also didn’t found any limitations on the OS side, or network side.
Any thoughts on what could be limiting us in running 500 users conference?

Are you monitoring the prosody cpu usage?

Only an overall server CPU/RAM usage and java monitoring (mainly for jvb servers).
In the last test (3 conferences x 300 users each) peak was ~60% CPU usage, but I assume it was mainly jvb, since it was test environment with jvb on the same server.
In the previous test in production (5 separate jvb servers) with 900 users in one room, server with nginx/meet/jicofo/prosody was at 15% CPU usage max.

You’ll want to pay attention to the prosody process specifically, not the entire server. Prosody is usually the first one to cave under heavy load (assuming the server has adequate resources otherwise) since it’s single-threaded.

I’ve seen topics about prosody tuning before (like this one: Large Number of Participants & Prosody Performance ) and, as I remember, we use some tweaks from it.
But honestly, I’m probably don’t understand prosody part in the process, or poorly described the situation.
In short:
3 conferences x 300 users = 900 users - everything works (may be entering to conference slows down, but it’s not critical)
1 conference x 500 users = 500 users - everything works for first 300 users, other can’t connect to jvb.
The users who can’t connect to jvb, receiving following error
Probably similar to this topic Bridge Channel send: no opened channel - #68 by keithbayer
We didn’t tried Octo yet and so far trying to push single bridge conferences to the maximum.
From the our point it looks like jvb has some hard limit of 300 users per conference (not overall) and won’t accept more users. As for jvm (java) monitoring and jvb server itself (CPU/RAM) - it has lot of spare resources and doesn’t hit any limits.
Does it still could be a prosody load problem or something else?
As I understand, we can’t scale Prosody horizonaly?

It’s not a limit we set, I think you are just reaching the limits of your hadrware here.